Stress management: Stress.

The stress works in two mechanisms: physical mechanism that involving bodily challenge or direct material and psychological mechanism that involves how individuals perceive situations in their lives. These mechanisms can be studied in three ways. The first approach emphases on the environment fit: stress is perceived as a stimulus, since when we have, say a demanding role or experience severe discomfort from illnesses or death in our family, stress may occur. Psychologically or physically challenging events or conditions are known as stressors.

Secondly, stress can be perceived as a response: that is focusing on persons` response to stressors. The physiological and psychological reaction to the stressor is known as strain. The last approach perceive stress as a mere process, which includes the strains and stressors, but adds in a significant aspect: how individuals relate with the environment. This process entails a continuous adjustments and interactions (the transactions) of the individual and the environment with each affecting one another. Stress affects various body systems in different ways.

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 Stress management: Stress.
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When an individual is stressed up, the brain reacts by stimulating 1400 different responses. These responses give a temporary power to do whatever the individual needs to do so as to survive. However, when stress is left unchecked, the victim can have a stroke or heart attack. According to Quick, Wright, Adkins, Nelson & Quick (2013), body’s response to stress is called the GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome) and it works in three phases.

The first phase is the alarm reaction. Here, the body discharges adrenaline and a range of other psychological machineries to battle the stress and try to have everything in control. The muscles tense, the perspiration and breathing increases, the heart beats faster, the eyes dilate, and the stomach may compress. The body is prepared to “flee” or “fight”. However, if the cause of that stress is eliminated, the body returns

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