Structure and structural elements: Old Testament.

The distinctiveness of the passage includes that Joshua, despite being the leader of the people of Israel, was the one being encouraged. He is commanded to “be strong and of a good courage”, and the phrase is repeated in the same passage, as it encloses the theme of the passage.&nbsp. Apart from being given the command to be strong and courageous, the passage went ahead to restate the promise of God, which is the purpose for obeying the command just given earlier.&nbsp. The purpose statement that give the command social appeal emphasized that Joshua would lead his people to the point of inheriting the land, which had been promised to their ancestors, including Abraham and their other fathers. Building on that promise, and the responsibility of leading the people called for the development of courage and strength. The verb “to be strong” is translated from “hzq” in Hebrew and is referred more than 300 times. In contrast, “to be courageous”, is translated from&nbsp.&nbsp. (Hebrew), which is used only 40 times.&nbsp. The context of the passage builds on the reference made in verse 5, where there was the declaration that there would not be any enemies to stand against the Israelites.&nbsp. After the promise of prosperity and success has been stated, the passage shifted back to the warnings underlying it. Further, the importance of resoluteness is emphasized, as it is the force that would allow Joshua and the people to stay committed to God and his instructions.&nbsp. In verse 9, Joshua is addressed using a question, which reminded him that he was God’s chosen.

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Structure and structural elements: Old Testament.
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