Student Investment Management Report.

The firm sells its products to over 175 countries which gives it a very, wide, firm market share. The firm’s objective is to make use of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power more efficient, reliable and sustainable. The sectors the company deals in include. Aerospace, hydraulics, filtration and vehicle. Eaton’s 2013 revenue was $ 22 billion.

Eaton’s business segments include. Aerospace, hydraulics, vehicle and sale of electrical products. Sale of electrical products accounts for the largest revenues followed by vehicles. The Aerospace segment is a leading supplier of aerospace fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use. Products produced in the aerospace segment include. motors, pumps and hydraulic power units. The hydraulics segment is a leader in hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment. The hydraulic segment made 15% of its sale in 2013 to 4 large distributors of electrical products and electrical systems and services. The vehicle and automotive segment is a leading supplier of powertrains and drivetrain systems for fuel economy, efficient performance and safety of commercial vehicles. Components supplied in hydraulic systems include. valves, cylinders and electronic controls. The electrical products and electrical systems and services accounts for the highest revenues for the company. Eaton has a competitive position in this segment.

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The firm’s competitive advantage includes its leading in aerospace energy efficient systems. Eaton’s hybrid electric power train combine a diesel engine and electric motor to drive the vehicle which is unique and gives the product a competitive advantage. Also Eaton’s diversification into aerospace, automobile, hydraulics and electrical businesses have also reduced the business risk of the company. Eaton has also made a number of acquisitions which have increased the firm’s competitive edge.

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