These problems above can be reduced by having every officer in the manufacturing plant and operations methods have specific duties, roles and responsibilities specified, limited and applied to him. In this light, all employees must be made aware of what is expected of them. This means that the plant will have to take division of labor seriously. As the firm specifies the role, duties and responsibilities that every employer should assume, the director and supervisor of the manufacturing plant must equally spell out the powers and privileges every officer should assume.

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Just as Cousens and Szwejczewski (2009) recommend, job specialization will also have to be effected in the plant so as to curtail the shortfalls being exhibited by the personnel. The crux of the matter herein is that although the director and supervisor of the manufacturing plant may be interested in parrying away undue blame for employees’ failures, yet there is a significant problem that is being ignored: employees are failing, regardless of the target of the blame. Assigning employees duties and roles in line with their area of professional specialization, skills and talents will enforce diligence, motivation, love for work, dynamism and self-initiatives. An employee trained in chemical engineering is less susceptible to blunders if he is assigned laboratory duties as opposed to when he is transferred to the metal work or assembly department.

The director and supervisor of the manufacturing plant should also set performance targets for every officer. This will ensure that every employee in the manufacturing plant is answerable. In the event that performance gap is sustained, every employee becomes answerable for himself, instead of the director and supervisor taking the blame. The manufacturing plant should draw its hierarchy well to further facilitate answerability and accountability.

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