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The authors Jones and Barnett (2009) description, the authors strongly suggest the importance of the theory to the health educators that makes the theory become very interesting. Moreover, the authors give practical example to support the theory. The authors stated that a health educator needs to identify the intention of a person regarding a particular behavior. In order to successful determine the intentions of a person. it is important to comprehend the following factors as a health educator. Firstly, understand the attitude of the individual towards the behavior. Secondly, the subject must understand the subjective norms and lastly identify how the person perceived the behavioral control. These factors make the theory be of interest as they suggest critical parts in the stages of a change model.

b) Contemplation stage: this is a point where a person starts to consider a behavior change someday. For example a smoker and an alcohol drinker who considers quitting the practice of stopping to drink alcohol or smoking someday but still not very ready for it then.

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The article states that health educators have a responsibility to educate people purposefully to promote, maintain, and improve individual and family and the community health. In a case where the conflict of issues come up, the health educator must consider all the issues in question. Health educators should then give priority to the issues that uphold and promotes the healthy and quality of life through the principles of self-determination and freedom of choice.

In section two of this article, it states that as a health educator it is important to encourage actions and social policies. The activities should support and facilitate the best balance as so long as the decisions pose no threats to the health of others. As a health educator, I would take into actions policies that will be of benefit to the community.

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