Tao te Chingon war, violence, and leadership

Tao te Chingon war, violence, and leadership (Novak,#17, #31, # 57, # 159, pg 156-159) How does this fit in with our current attitudes towards war and leadership, i.e, the Presidency or people in positions of leadership. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

However, due to some personal circumstances that faced him, he decided to quit his job as a librarian. Following this, he moved to far west of China through ox as the main means of transport. However, along his journey, he was barred from proceeding at the border. This followed a condition that he had to write down all his teachings before proceeding with his journey. This led to the emergence of Tao Te Ching, a book that detailed all the teachings of Lao Tsu. This book had several short Chinese characters detailed in of 81 short chapters (Smith and Phil, 71). The teachings documented in Tao Te Ching led to the emergence of the Tao.

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Tao te Chingon war, violence, and leadership
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It is significant to note that most teachings of Taoism draw a lot from Tao Te Ching. There are several teachings of Taoism. Some of these include Tao, Wu wei, simplicity, gentleness and relativity. Tao’s teachings detail how the nature expresses itself. Wu wei denotes the natural resilience depicting the ideal of effortlessness. Gentleness depicts the virtue of wisdom whereby a wise person is expected to shun violence at all costs. This follows that wise people love peace and restraint. This relates well with the expectations that people in positions of leadership should practice. Leaders should always love peace and shun violence at all costs.

A good leader should be in position to relate well with his subjects. This brings the virtue of trust, obedience and confidence to such a leader from his subjects. In this regard, it is expected that people in leadership positions should always look for proper ways of solving disagreements, wars and violence whenever they erupt. Such a leader will get a lot of love from his subjects. It is of critical to note that whatever such a good leader initiates will be welcome by the subjects.

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