Task Management Communication Plan.


By laying down directives, involving internal and external communication and management of information flow. organizations cater to manage conflicts that escalate as a result of diversity issues (work force diversity), discrimination issues and power issues. In the modern day world, managers face key challenges, in terms of finding adaptive communication strategies that are directed towards the creation of an open and flexible work culture (Samson and Daft, 2012). This is where the relevance of this essay lies. This essay will highlight certain entrenched conflicts that arise in an organization and outline effective communication strategies that organizations can implement in order to mitigate such conflicts. For the purpose of fulfilment of this assignment, the company that will be chosen for evaluating communication strategies is Toyota. The following section will include a brief organizational summary. Thereafter, in-depth explanations will be provided regarding the conflict issues that arise within the company and strategies adopted by the company in order to mitigate such issues. The critical analysis of the working environment will be done covering aspects such as, structural issues, cultural ethos, prevailing work culture, work relationship issues, network analysis and the best practices. Finally, recommendations will be made suggesting alternative communication strategies that can be adopted by company in order to ensure and efficient and effective working environment.

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Task Management Communication Plan.
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Toyota Motor Corporation, headquartered in Aichi, Japan, is the largest automobile manufacturer, as of 2012, which offer a full range of models from mini cars to large trucks. The company also has many diversified operations that include telecommunications, prefabricated housing and leisure boats.

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