Team Performance and Technology-Sheila.

In the context below certain modes of technologies are discussed to help enhance the performance of globally distributed teams.

These are offices that are run online and they enable members situated in different parts of the globe to communicate and share official documents as if they were in the same office at that exact time that will help boost the performance of the teams.

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Team Performance and Technology-Sheila.
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The technology uses advanced software that enables the members communicate from even within far places. Immediately a member gets online the other members get notified and this makes it easier to post questions and suggestions on certain projects worked on solely by a certain member (Bass, 2014).

An example of this type of technology is the Groove Virtual Office where the members or workers tend to share information based on their work through online office, since everyone signs in and can provide their projects and other stuffs through mails or instant messages to the office. This engages those across the globe in that they don’t have to be there personally to attend forums or office proceedings and can instead do that on internet and air their views and suggestions that will help in the betterment of the organizations (Breugst, 2012).

Groove virtual office has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. Some of the noticed advantages are that all members are in a position to make follow ups on whatever transpired in their absence having signed into the office late since all the posts made by the other workers are displayed on the conversation thread enabling them to read to get conversant with. The technology is also one of the fastest means since the messages get delivered instantly to the workers mailboxes enabling faster feedback too.

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