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He painted accurately the body and nature, instead of exaggeration. In Lamentation a 3-d feel becomes apparent. The viewer can almost become part of the painting. This fresco depicts humans holding the dead body of Christ, while angels hover above.

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Test study guide.
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3 Recognize the style of Italian Renaissance sculpture and painting. (You do not need to visually distinguish between Early, High or “Mannerism”). The Italian Renaissance style was more of a realistic approach. Proper proportions and scenes that depicted nature as real were the style of this period.

4 What is the meaning of the word “Renaissance?” From lecture information, describe the context in which the “Renaissance” emerged in Italy. Renaissance means rebirth or revival. The Renaissance was a renewal or birth of Latin and Greek classic thinking and studies.

5 What is “Humanism”? How did artists and intellectuals reconcile Christianity with Humanism? Humanism centers around human thoughts and knowledge. Artists and intellectuals reconciled Christianity with Humanism by studying the relations of humans to spirituality and divine issues.

6 How did Renaissance ideas about the role of human beings differ from the medieval period? The Renaissance focused more on logic and human thought in life, whereas the medieval period focused more on religion and the afterlife.

7 What was Albertis contribution to the Italian Renaissance painting style? According to him, what should good paintings include (what were his “rules” for painting)? Albertis contribution was the rules for painting three dimensional subjects on a flat surface. Good paintings “will include all ages of man and both sexes as well as animals of all sorts.”

8 What is mathematical (or linear) perspective? What is a vanishing point? A perspective in drawing and painting where parallel lines are converging so as to give the illusion of depth and distance

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