The AIS or the accounting

Information system used within the organization must be well equipped to understand the unique requirements of the revenue cycle which puts an overall effect on the generated revenues through production and etc.

The maintenance of the revenue cycle is a complex procedure, because of which getting complete repayment of your cash is not possible with conventional techniques. In order to collect 100% out of revenue cycle an organization must use an integrated accounting information system that effectively includes people, monetary processes, and technology. The benefits of integrated revenue cycle helps in maintaining internal controls (misappropriation etc.). Use of weak or disintegrated information system with in the organization can also be a cause of trouble in several ways. It could be a disrupting aspect in the revenue cycle that could affect the over all cash flow of the organization. (Avisena, 2009)

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The AIS or the accounting
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Information systems are continually altering and developing as skill and technology persists to develop. There is various information systems used within an organization which helps it to run the daily business accurately. The various types include transaction processing systems (TPS) which is a system that gathers, accumulates, adapts and recovers the transactions of a project.

Decision Support Systems (DSS) is a system that chains dealings and managerial decision-making actions. A well-designed DSS is a software-based scheme projected to help decision makers accumulate helpful information from untreated data, individual knowledge, documents, and business representations to recognize and resolve problems and take decisions.

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