The animal weapons arms race.

The show is called science frantic, and the person hosting the show was Jordan Koski. The guest on the show is Douglas Emlen, who is the author of a book named animal weapons – the evolution battle. Douglas is also a professor of biology and lectures at the University of Montenor.

I was amazed to realize that it was possible to conduct researches on the extremeness of animal weapons. Douglas claimed that the research leading to writing his book started with watching clips of animal fights. The professor had keen interest in small animals such as dung battles. He claimed that the weapons carried by small animal were very dangerous considering their body sizes (Science-Friday retrieved from It was interesting to realize that most fights among small animals were all because they needed access to females.

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 The animal weapons arms race.
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Douglas noted that some animals had deadly weapons since they cannot swim fly or run fast to catch their prey. He gives the example of Smilodon, which has 7 inch canine teeth but cannot run after its prey. I was amazed to realize that some animals had to lose certain minerals in their body in order to make their weapons more deadly. He also noted that some species with fierce weapons had stunted testes and small genital organs. Some animals use their fierce weapons to scare away other animals of the same species. It overwhelmed me know that animals with the most vicious weapons fought less and were rarely involved in battles.

He discussed an exceptional case where female animals are fiercer than their male counterparts. He said that Jacana females have bigger weapons that than Jacana males since the males take care of the youngness.

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