The book FREEDOM by Johnatan Franzen.

Journalist critics of the book.

d arranges marriages of contemporary time, it can be said that as an author he has developed his skills and deviated his way of writing technically and topically. This owing to the reason that he is able to captivate in comic and tragic hue at the same plane the provocations and the pressures the concept of liberty brings forth, the thrilling days of teenage immersed in sexual interests culminating almost into lust, the most provoking social issue of American society pertaining to mid-life crisis, collapsing of the wages in the suburb areas and the pang of staying under the reign of a heavy weight empire all come under one umbrella within the plot of the novel “Freedom”.

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The book FREEDOM by Johnatan Franzen.
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Like most of the common topics of American literature, American dream does not find a very potent place within the plot of the novel, but the tinge of the issue can be traced within a microcosm of middle class American society. A deep delineation to the plot of the novel and close introspection to the motif launches the readers into a plethora of thought process where it is very clear that the novel captures a span of time frame as its background with some deliberate intentions. The time frame against which the plot of the novel, “Freedom” is set initiates during the last decades of the twentieth century and ends at the beginning of Obama administration.

The novel captivates a wide time frame. therefore the socio-political and socio-economic ups and downs are tracked in the novel from a very close counter. The contour of American society is very evident through the book as it displays a volley of characters almost in a Dickensian way, “In the earliest years, when you could still drive a Volvo 240 without feeling self-conscious, the collective task in Ramsey Hills was to relearn certain life skills that your own parents had fled to the suburbs specifically to unlearn” (Franzen 4). The language is lucid and the syntax is clear.

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