The British psychological society.


On the other hand, those who believe that their qualities are malleable have a malleable or incremental theory about themselves, and these are the very people who believe that even their most basic personality qualities can be developed and improved through their efforts and education. Moreover, research shows that the latter group are also “more open to learning, willing to confront challenges, able to stick to difficult tasks, and capable of bouncing back from failures” (Dweck, 2008). These are therefore the people who can function well in society and these are the very people who can help society change for the better. It is therefore interesting to note that the malleable theory can be taught, and so it means that highly productive people can also be produced from such idea. In fact, in one experimental research, the researchers were even successful at making a group of college students learn malleable intelligence. This yielded positive results in terms of enhanced enjoyment of academic work, higher GPAs and a greater valuing of academics (Dweck, 2008).

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The British psychological society.
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Moreover, the second part of this theory on personality is that the beliefs of an individual regarding relationships, namely “expectations of acceptance or rejection” (Dweck, 2008). Based on this aspect of the theory, expectations of positive or negative responses have somehow been shown to influence the integrity of adult relationships. For example, as demonstrated by some studies, people who anxiously expect negative reactions and pessimistic responses from others tend to have relationships that are more fragile and even perceive rejection in many situations. In terms of academics, they become less engaged and they tend to do less well. However, if taught the malleable theory of beliefs, they would tend to program their thoughts and reactions to positive, thereby ensuring better and healthier relationships (Dweck, 2008).

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