The causes of obesity in childhood.


This essay “The causes of obesity in childhood” describes the scale of the problem across the World and the factors that lead to it. The attention attracted by cases of obesity across the continent is great because of its alarming rates. Researchers reported an increase in the prevalence of the condition to a high-level raising eyebrow on the same. In the report by Anderson and Butcher, it was mentioned that 21% of school-age children on the European continent have the overweight condition. In that regard, a further drift into cases of obesity has risen to 5%. In addition, the US is a victim of the same menace recording 33% of overweight among the school going children with a 16% obesity level. Obesity is mythically associated with higher living standards yet among the developing countries, cases of obesity are on the increase and have resulted in the increase universal levels of the condition. The urban centers and suburban areas within the upcoming economies are the highest contributors to the levels of obesity in the world today because of their improved socioeconomic living status (Anderson and Butcher, 2006). That injects into the point that associates obesity with the influence and the wellbeing of modern families across the globe.

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The causes of obesity in childhood.
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I delve into an acknowledgment of the causes and risk factors that nutritionists and the medical profession include in their listing to be the contributors to the high levels of obesity in children. In that regard, they also grow up to becoming obese adults.

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