The Cultural Competence.


A number of South Vietnamese were fleeing desperately in the jungle to small boats that were awaited to take us to the land of safety and freedom where we would eventually call home. During that period of darkness, I walked along a lonely road with limited family support as culturally mental health people like me were not recognized in the Vietnamese culture (Vaage et al., 2010). Problems are kept within the family rather than being shared with others and a facade often presented to the public to show a happy family life.

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The Cultural Competence.
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When the social work profession does not solve the issue of understanding my culture, I would easily oppress the disadvantaged groups as a social worker, for example, those who try to share their problems. This is due to the misunderstanding of cultural differences. It is fair to say as a social worker, I must gain cultural competence to understand peoples cultural differences and the impact of social injustices on their wellbeing and to go beyond race and ethnicity (Healy, 2000). By implementing cultural care and as a social worker, I can more effectively address social injustice issues faced by vulnerable people in our community and tailor to the appropriate needs of clients empowering them to live life with dignity, respect, and values.

Diversity refers to the characteristics that make people different from each other. Such differences set in as a result of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (Omoniyi & White, 2006). In Canberra, the diverse communities bring vibrancy, innovation, new ideas, economic development, resources, and sustainability. The Australian Census of Population and Housing is a source of data about Australians and their cultural diversity. Census carried out in 2011 indicated that approximately a quarter (26 percent) of Australia’s residents was born in other countries, and a further 20 percent had an average one overseas-born parent.

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