The elemments of the funds of knowledge.

The information learned from teachers about their students is the student’s funds of knowledge. The paper captures the elements of funds of knowledge.

According to this concept, many families had much knowledge that the learning institutions did not know about and were unused. Researchers realized that there were rural households having some technical and entrepreneurial skills. Each family had some knowledge to share with the rest of the families. Therefore, the sharing of information creates a network that when harnessed can be a precious intellectual resource.

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 The elemments of the funds of knowledge.
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The concept advocates that the teachers have a role in developing effective instructional approaches that enhance learning. Additionally, teachers must use activities that involve students as thoughtful learners in a socially meaningful task.

In conclusion, the researcher behind this concept urges teachers to create their social networks of providing help to one another in taking advantage of the community resources. The student’s reliance on the teacher grows steadily while the resources in the community continuously become scarce. In employing the concept, teachers will have a better opportunity in helping minority and bilingual kids achieve authentic literacy.

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