The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.


The tone of what amounts to qualitative research carried out by Weiner is familiar enough to be able to expose the results of their happiness study, to the normal reader. Really, the conclusion of my reading, and the basic assumption that I make in a correlative review of this book, is that what Weiner gives the reader is a philosophical treatise that invokes the ideas of Mills,

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The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.
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Bentham, and other classical Utilitarian philosophers, and puts them into a modern setting.

The narrator’s journey can be seen in the situation of Utilitarianism because this is a philosophy centered on action, rather than the expectations of its people, which provides the real happiness. In this counter-example considered, happiness is defined through a meaning of personality that is focused on the materialism of embracing objects for sale on the free market, which may not have any real practical value other than that of inspiring the envy of the other. Therefore, it is a basically negative portrayal of the individual in that whatever the case, the process is mixed up with money and the

basic insecurity of keeping up with other people based on the possessions that they have. Everyone has a different definition for happiness, but the most common reflection, from the Weiner text and readings about the current question that is being talked about, seems to be that it embraces a sort of optimistic worldview and blends identity with expectations to the point that human beings are seen to be most happy when they are most successfully relating to negative foresight.

Eric Weiner in The Geography of Bliss announces the arrival of the next great documentary category of the literary philosophy of self-help humorous travel memoir. Weiner, a veteran foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, has covered a multitude of disasters and disease more than 30 countries over the past two decades.

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