The Geography of Bliss.


The gross national happiness index like the one in use in Bhutan is the real measure of happiness. Qataris wealth still fails to make them happy.

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The Geography of Bliss.
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Strong moral character has influence of the relationship and trust that people accord to individuals. Trust has been shown by studies to influence and increase happiness. Equally, stunted moral character compromises trust and as such reduces the index of happiness.

United States of America would fit me for happiness. The idea that home is the place where happiness is found resonates with my sanguine nature. Travelling through the diverse economic and social landscape, the America presents would suffice in defining and making me happy.

The fact that people quickly return to their state of happiness in spite of circumstance and condition keeps them from despair. This is made possible by the adaptation that people use in dealing with sad occurrences and in using the painful occurrences to inspire happiness.

Iceland ranks the highest in happiness even in winter. The reason behind their happiness is their belief system that it is better for many people to share in suffering as it reduces the burden than few people to suffer intensely. Likewise, their belief that failure presents an opportunity to do something different inspires risk-taking, which is fun (Rich,

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