The George Hotel Scenario

The George Hotel Scenario (E ) introduces the students to the connectivity with the strategy of the organization and the HR strategy. The attached case provides the facts in a case-based scenario for the student to react to and consider options and decisions for the professionals highlighted in the case. The learning objectives for this case are as follows: Demonstrate basic business acumen in terms of organizational finance, strategy planning and execution. Understand the philosophy behind developing an HR scorecard and its link to strategic human resource management. Understand the process used to develop an HR scorecard. Align HR deliverables with organizational strategy. “Sell” the HR scorecard concept(s) internally. Exemples of HR Scorecards are included in the attached here. Deliverable: Format: Five (5) full pages in length, not including the page or a References page. One (1) inch margins on all sides of each page of your report. Writing: Business-level language is required; minimal use of contractions, slang, cliches. Report written in third person. This is not an opinion paper as no one is expected to be an expert in the subject matter . Paper is written in active voice versus passive voice Report must be proofread; error-free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes Content: Introduction and developed conclusion statement is required in all case reports Case content and facts must be included in response to each question to support / substantiate the response. Evidence of understanding of the facts presented and integrated will be assessed in the manner for which the report is written. Well-developed responses will demonstrate application relevance over perfunctory writing. If a source is used,t (current edition) is expected for both in-text citation and on the References page. Questions: Identify and prioritize a set of tasks for the George Hotel. Provide a rationale for your prioritization. Link your responses to the key concepts to one of the examples in The HR Scorecard. Based on your understanding of the George Hotel and its business strategy, how can HR add strategic value to the George Hotel? What challenges do you anticipate Jeff & Chad Mitchell will encounter as they develops the HR scorecard for The George Hotel? Anticipate potential outcomes for the plan that is proposed for George Hotel. 5. How can these employee problems be resolved? 6. What policies and procedures should Cindy implement to integrate the new employees and to create high-performance work team at the Garden Terrace.

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The George Hotel Scenario
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