Outbreaks of major diseases have been handled appropriately as drug companies and governments are able to transport medical supplies and experts within the shortest time possible due to globalization.

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In the United States, the relationship between globalization and human health is a very complex one as it has both positive and the negative side. This relationship which is described as an inexorable force, need to be understood and developed for the well-being of all human beings. The increased knowledge and new technologies in the United States has greatly improved the surveillance of infectious diseases and the monitoring of antibiotic resistance. The country has a major influx of both legal and illegal immigrants from different parts of the world due to globalization. It has greatly increased the country’s ability to respond to disease emergency cases in other parts of the world. During the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (S.A.R.S) in China, the United States had to take a stern measures so as to ensure that the deadly disease did not spread into the country. They issued travel advisories and close monitoring of its borders.

Health care provision in the United States is mainly offered by many firms and organizations in both private and public sectors. Close to 21% of the health care services is offered by the government while 58% of the of the health care institutions are held by non-profit making community based organizations while the remaining percentage is for profit-making. The expenditure on health care by the United States accounted to 17.2% of the total Gross Domestic Product in the year 2011 (OECD, 2005).

The United States per capita national expenditures on health care in the year 2013 amounted to $ 9,255 while the total national health expenditures was $ 2.9 trillion.

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