The Hulk.

ded winning over the hearts of many readers but however there are some major differences and some interesting aspects that have to be attributed to the cinema medium. The comic medium at some point fails to carry the emotions as much as a cinema does, since with reading one restricts himself to his scope of imagination.

This scope has been amplified with all the technical effects comprising the sound, music, modulations of speech and adding a sense of our presence, making cinema a more interactive medium.

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In the comic book Ang Lee connects every scene with extreme care and ensures that the imagination of the reader always stands at the paramount point and he never fails the readers’ interest by maintaining a chronological order of the scenes. The pictures used for the book are eye catching and these pictures talk for themselves, when it comes to the carrying of emotions. The versatile language he uses in the book copes with these drawings. The combination of these reaches the readers’ expectations and makes the book reader friendly. The narration of the episode on the other hand seconds none in the highlights of the comic book. This way each and every aspect of the comic starting with the title, to closing of the story is taken care of.

As Ang Lee rightly points out, “The Hulk” is not a comic book movie but has much more to it making it a horrifying science fiction movie. “The Hulk”, has all the elements that keep the audience on their toes and calling it a comic book movie would not be appropriate. The creation of a huge monstrous figure like Hulk in the movie from an average built man keeps the audience spellbound. The representation of Hulk in many aspects connects him with the Greek mythology. Stories speak about Hulk in Greek Mythology, as someone who destroys anything that comes in his way and rather likes being alone this has been shown in the movie with some other aspects as well (“Super heroes and Greek mythology 1”).

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