The Hunger Game Movie.

The main character in The Hunger Games movie is a young 16 year old teenager by the name Katnis Everdeen who struggles to make a living for herself, her younger sister and their widowed mother under the Capitol’s strict regime.&nbsp.&nbsp. When the day comes to choose a young boy and a young girl, 24 children are selected to fight to the death. Here, Katniss is removed from her daily quest for survival and thrust into the Capitol, where she is prepared for the Hunger Games.&nbsp. In the following days, Katniss is seen fending for her survival against not only the natural elements present but also vicious Careers who are individuals trained for the Hunger Games their entire lives.&nbsp. These individuals also known as the Tributes are considered ruthless, and Katniss finds herself about to fight one of them whose likeness to Prim, her sister, makes her hesitate to proceed with the fight.&nbsp. She faces a dilemma where she is to kill or be killed.&nbsp. If she wins, her family is guaranteed of handsome rewards including additional food, which Katniss and her family so desperately needs.The Hunger Games Movie: Treatment of violence in UK and USAThere has been in the recent past a growing number of literatures documenting various negative effects of exposure to violence via media and films on children as well as adults. As earlier mentioned, majority of children watching such films may be tempted to put them into practice, not being aware of the consequences such actions, especially in cases where parents do not advise or caution them

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