The Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution.


When inhaled, they lead to throat irritation, digestive problems, chest complications as well as dizziness and fever. Chronic respiratory problems such as asthma also arise from the same (Brebbia & James 276).

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 The Impact of Outdoor Air Pollution.
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The research intends to analyze outdoor air pollution impact, which is a menace presently showing an upward trend. The health of human beings is at risk. hence seeking adequate and effective solutions is quite commendable. The audience that this research seeks to reach includes those who conduct human activities such as burning wood that contribute to air pollution. In addition, it tries to reach those affected by the same to offer help find solution to their problem. The government too is a target audience since they have to put strict measures to prevent avoidable pollution from occurring.

The project will first begin by defining various forms of pollutions before focusing on outdoor air pollution (Frumkin 388). Then it will explore varied causes of outdoor air pollution (Ahmed & Triana 84).

Some causes of outdoor air pollution are beyond control. In the case of pollen for example, pollination is natural process that cannot be controlled. Wind is also a natural process and is responsible for transporting the pollutants from one atmospheric environment to another.

Survey also will encompass seeking information regarding neighboring factories to evaluate how they dispose their wastes and their effects to the immediate populace. This is especially varied particles deposited in the atmosphere.

This project will go a long way into protecting the lives and health of people who are at risk of inhaling the contaminants. I request permission to proceed with this proposal to prove that outdoor air pollution is a call for concern and that there are possible remedies to the same.

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