The Implication of a New Form of Flexibility on the World.

A few years ago, people were very resistant to change. This is because they may not have traveled a lot and were comfortable living in the neighborhood that they were familiar with. For instance, the family in the story of the Millers, They were afraid of living in another region as they did not know whether they would be able to adjust to the new region. They might move to an area where the condition for farming was not as favorable as the current location. They were afraid that they would not adequately adapt to the new location. Moreover, traditionally, people were very keen in forming strong social ties with people around them. The Miller’s family had already established a strong social network with friends and family living around them. Moving to a new place would require that they make new friends and it would take a long time to establish a strong social network like the one they already had in Ohio. It would also lead to a change in status. Since they would have to start all over again, their standard of living would go down a notch before they are able to adapt to the new environment.

The narrator of this story tries to show a variation between the town and the rural dwellers. The living standards at the village are seen to be terrible compared to that of the urban with Maggie saying she would not take her friends to visit her home because it was in a devastating situation. The story tries to show that a person identifies with their home if they are proud of it. Maggie, her mother, and her sister were unhappy living in this The narrator even imagined being a TV star. This goes to show that the more people take care of their environment or home, the more they are proud of it and willing to live there. Calamities force people from their home in search of a better place.

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The Implication of a New Form of Flexibility on the World.
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