The issue of national or international importance which have an impact on society.


This research tells that terrorism has had a lasting impact on the society in more ways than one. It must be understood here that there are only negatives attached with terrorism and absolutely no positives could be drawn from such a heinous issue. The wave of terrorism sparked much debate and controversy after the 9/11 attacks on the US soil.

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The issue of national or international importance which have an impact on society.
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After this, the world scenario started to change for the worse, so much so that terrorism seems to be the only constant amongst the different international issues of the current times. This essay discusses that the turn of the new century has meant nothing else but sheer terrorism with terrorist activities breaking headlines with each passing day, in different regions of the world. Taliban and Al Qaeda have been credited with most of these terrorist activities and there is enough evidence to suggest that these two outfits have brought much harm to the ranks of global peace and sanity than any other terrorist wing. In the coming times, terrorism will continue to pose as a major problem. It will haunt the lives of the people and destruct their property and wealth just like it is doing in the present times. It does not guarantee peace to prevail in the near future. The world is plunged into a fighting zone, with non-state actors fighting it out for their own ulterior motives. Some state-level terrorism is also being given air and this has meant disaster and nothing else in the long run.

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