The Jones family.

So, being subject as well as the result of social relations, the personality is formed through active actions in the social environment, the transformation of the environment and of itself in the process of purposeful activity. It turns out that this process, despite its apparent fragmentation, is holistic, as the contradictions within the social situation are the driving force of the development: between the demands and expectations of society and the needs and capabilities of the child. This contradiction ensures the integrity of the individual. In particular, a holistic development is understood as a combination of “physical, personal expressive and relationship development”1. It is talking about the whole person, not only the particular features separately2.

I would like to start from Chloe, whose parents were divorced, when she was not even 16. Let`s look what impact it could cause and to what consequences it can lead in social and psychological world of the girl. First, visible issue we see that Chloe rarely attends school. So, how could it influence girl`s internal world?

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 The Jones family.
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The impact of parental divorce on the psychological state of children and their future life cannot be underestimated. The divorce in the family causes great harm to the mental health of the child. The child learns on the example of parents to build future relationships, perceive good issues, lead with crisis. Therefore, the destruction of the family cannot, but affects the psychological state of the child and his future life. Divorce is not stressful only for couples, but also it has a long and traumatic impact on the psyche of the child. The popular belief that the trauma of divorce has a fleeting impact on the child has been questioned by psychologists. Now experts believe that the strongest influence is not the wrath of the parents, but rather the years after the trauma of divorce. These include periods of sadness and loneliness,

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