The Last Lecture (Youtube video).

True to his assertion he lost the battle to his disease in July 25, 2008. The lecture of this invincible man created history.

In the lecture he mentioned about his childhood dreams, the process through which he achieved them and how he guided others to achieve the same. He detailed the outstanding moments of his life, the eminent t people with whom he interacted and explained how he had learnt much from others. He dedicated the last lecture to his 3 children Dylan, Logan, and Chloe aged 5, 3 and 1.At the very beginning, Dr. Pausch made reference in gratitude to his dad. He mentioned about the 10 tumors in his liver and informed the audience that he had about 3-6 month’s lifespan to his credit, though he was lucky enough to avail treatment from the best doctors in the world. He had realization that the game was going to be up soon, but he put the poser to the audience why worry about that today? During the course of the lecture, he was in excellent spirits. his responses were sterling, though he knew what was going on within his body.

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The Last Lecture (Youtube video).
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He mentioned about his love for the family and the reason why he bought a lovely house in Virginia, a better place he thought for the family, down the road. He recounted his childhood dreams his Football fantasies, his achievement as an author in the World Book Encyclopedia, working for Disney etc. He expected that the children should be part of the Football Team and play it, not from the physical fitness point of view, not only because it was a game, but it was the learning center of qualities that mold a youth into a good human being. The lessons in teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship and other positive qualities were important. He gave lots of importance to the process of indirect learning.

He paid handsome tributes to his parents who built him and enabled him to achieve his dreams. His mother was always a source of encouragement for him and whenever he was in dire straits,

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