The Learning Put to Test.

In one of the pieces of training that I attended, I was asked to be a part of a role player. I felt challenged.

The scenario given was as follows: You are in a meeting and one of your colleagues suggest an idea you know will not work. As you suggest to the group that this is not practical, the colleague who suggested the idea turns and states You are always the person who does not want to hear my ideas. She then storms out of the meeting. You set up a time to meet with your colleague.

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The Learning Put to Test.
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Ego does not allow a role play to remain a role player. A role play can be taken as a fun exercise but eventually, it becomes a competition as you know that others are watching and studying you.

This role play helped me a lot not only in understanding my knowledge but also knowing that the techniques that we learn in the books and the training can genuinely work wonders and are amazing as far as practical life is concerned. It is not just a theory.

First, I will discuss the scenario and how it progressed. Next, I will explain as to what was happening in my mind, what I actually was thinking and why I did certain things.

Scenario and role play: To make things easy to understand, let us call me ‘Me’ and my colleague, ‘Amy’. Our group was discussing a topic of having a group trip to the beach. Amy is a family person as I am. The topic was whether we want to have an overnight stay at the beach hotel or want to come back the Saturday night. Amy wanted to have an overnight stay at the beach. This was not an acceptable idea for two reasons.

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