The love song of J.Alfred prufrock.


The goal of this essay to explore how Prufrock’s characters of being indecisive and being bashful unveil and how these characters connect to the poem’s overall theme of loneliness.

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The love song of J.Alfred prufrock.
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Body1 – Before discussing Prufrock’s character, it would be better to see first how Eliot builds up the prevalent atmosphere of disorientation and depression, which will soon develop into a sense of loneliness. Most of Prufrock’s evenings bear the lifelessness aspect of a “patient etherized upon a table” (3). And his journey is polluted with “Streets that follow like a tedious argument&nbsp.of insidious intent” (8). In other words, Prufrock has no leadership of his life and he does not have enough energy, since he is etherized, to think of anything fruitful rather than to hesitate. Also, he feels hostility as he walks through the streets. All this depressing imagery leads even to a sense of defeat, with which Eliot shows readers what a poor guy Prufrock is. Yet, another good example that shows the depressing atmosphere of Prufrock’s world is related with “the yellow fog” (15). It can be said that, just like the yellow fog’s unpleasant rubbing and dampening lickering (15-18), Prufrock’s mind is full of negative feelings which never let Prufrock come out of anxiety. And this anxiety roles as a breeding environment for other bad and disadvantageous emotions, such as indecisiveness, or bashfulness, to which Prufrock is vulnerable. Under the effect of these gloomy imagery setting, Eliot has implied the ensuing Prufrock’s inner conflict.

Body2 – Alfred Prufrock’s inner conflict is characterized by his indecision, which is due to his over-thinking. Prufrock worries that the women, who are “coming and going and speaking of Michelangelo” (3,35), will say “How his hair is growing thin!”(41) or “But how his arms and legs are thin!” (44). Being too obsessed with this thought, Prufrock never seems “dare” to “descend the stair,

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