The Meaning of Manifest Destiny..


Polk occupied the controversial Texas land that was under dispute. Polk was not right in his actions in the sense that it meant the annexation of the Texas region would mean imposition of the American law to other territories. Polks actions brought about the famous American-Mexican civil war. The Mexican government responded to the annexation of Texas by confronting America through diplomatic means to the extent that it led to a civil war. Abraham Lincoln disagreed with the Polks position that Texas was to be annexed and put under the United States (Tindall and David 214).

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The Meaning of Manifest Destiny..
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Abraham Lincoln, in his opposition to the annexation of Texas, introduced the spot resolution. In the resolution, Licoln demanded that president Polk indicate how the Americans had been affected to warrant annexation. The Manifest destiny had both positive and negative consequences. The positive issue is that the US won in its expansion process, however, it brought unprecedented bad blood between Mexico and America.

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