The Necklace.

The author has rightly presented that Mme. Loisel’s character at the beginning of the story is depicted by physical beauty, low expectations, unhappy, poor and as a result of that poverty, she expressed anger. Mme. Loisel’s&nbsp. experiences such as poverty which is an aspect of the house she lives intend to make her be fast to anger and not be satisfied by what she possessed and made her wish for more. Mme. Loisel finally decide to reveal the truth to Mme. Forestier because she saw no wrong in doing so since she had paid all the money she had borrowed to buy the lost necklace and so much time had elapsed since she had returned the necklace to Mme. Forestier. The ending of the story is appropriate and it does not seem to be forced since it is timely and it illustrates a proper end of the whole story though brief.&nbsp. It is also logical in the sense that a situation like that is most probable to happen whereby counterfeits are available for the poor and also for the rich. The end implies that Mme. Loisel’s suffering because of a lie to her friend was all unnecessary. The irony is demonstrated in the story where Mme. Loisel is seen to be unhappy at her initial life but later on, she seems to be happy in the poorer life after she paid the lost necklace instead of being even sadder. When the day of the ball arrived Mme. Lisle appeared to be very rich which was noticed by many people in the party while in real sense she regarded herself poor. Mme. Loisel husband’s role is mainly to offer support to Mme. Loisel either in material form or emotionally.

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