The New Yorker.


These have led to so many magazines struggling of holding on to readers, a hurdle that The New Yorker magazine appear to easily overcome as its readers have been increasing since its launch in 1925, surpassing 1 million circulations in 2004 (The New Yorker, n.p.). This paper explores how The New Yorker overcomes competition from other sources of information and entertainment through its design and structure.

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I believe that there are boundaries and rules in designing a magazine that have to be adhered to give the magazine an appealing look and content rich in sought-after information as well as an entertainment touch. Such principles relate to the length and excitement of the articles, expertise of the author of the articles, inclusion of extra useful information among others. The length and excitement of the articles influence the readers’ motivation and urge read another publication. The authors’ expertise wins the readers’ trust while inclusion of extra useful information such as advertisements attract readers as they believe they will obtain extra of products/services around them at no extra cost. I will explore the structures of four issues of the New Yorker magazine (March 3, March 10, March 17 and March 24) which include culture and politics, poetry and fiction, humor and cartoons and criticism and reviews sections to establish whether it adheres to the magazine design principles of attracting

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