The organisation of labour is crucial to a firms profit strategy

. Discuss why this might be so and consider the strategic implications of this for employees, including the impact this might have on relations between workers and management. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The paper seeks to discuss strategic implications to employees that arise as a result of the organisation of labour. It will also look at the impact it has on employee-management relations. It will do so by considering a non-governmental organisation that seeks to put in place fair working condition for employees.

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The organisation of labour is crucial to a firms profit strategy
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The non-governmental organisation in question seeks to establish fair conditions where workers can be comfortable in their place of work and work best. Therefore, its strategy for organising the human resource aims at optimising the productivity of the human resource through positive enforcement and providing good working conditions. It is based on the belief that people will work best and be more productive while working under satisfactory conditions (Nicolini, 2012). For it to happen, certain elements have to be in place. The NGO aims at spreading good working conditions in organisations within the locality. The first part of the strategy is to analyse why organisation of labour is important for a company’s profit.

Labour helps in establishment of an economy (Silver, 2003). When there is enough labour in the economy or an organisation, the body in question will be able to meet its productivity goals and turn a profit in the end. It is people who do most of the work in a firm. Labour is employed in almost all sectors. Even in industries that are highly automated, labour is essential in maintenance and micromanaging of machines and equipment. Without labour, no production can take place. It is for this reason that this strategy aims at ensuring that labour is conserved and optimised so as to maximise profits. The NGO, therefore, plans to spread this strategy to firms and to the government as a way of avoiding recession.

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