The reputation.


is Maria Callas, the most illustrious opera singer of the twentieth century whose life and career marked with dramatism have become a bright glaring flash in the history of opera music.

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 The reputation.
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The phenomenon of Maria Callas has been discussed since the beginning of her “big” career and up to nowadays that is almost three decades after her demise. The reputation and diva status she had once won remain unchanged and still captivate attention of critics and opera enthusiasts all over the world. Both in her lifetime and after her death she could be either adored or criticized and hated. However, she left nobody cold.

Having become a legend pro vita, Callas had some power over the hearts of people. Whatever she touched, glared with a kind of new unexpected light. Her fresh take of operatic scores opened as-yet unknown magic in them. Callas managed to give about 600 performances in 18 years, each of them followed by numerous curtain calls and a hurricane of “bravos” (Rowe, 2010). Her adherents gave her a simple and strong nickname – La Divina (which means divine). Her soprano and singing techniques were as vibrant and dramatic as her life was. and her reputation is veiled in some mystery and magic. Naturally, this firm and glorious reputation didn’t come from nowhere at once. Let us gain a glimpse into Maria Callas’ life and career and see what has had an impact on her rise as the Primadonna.

Sometimes parents devote themselves to their children trying to compensate for what they have failed to do themselves and doing their best to make their wishes and dreams become true for their children. This is exactly what happened to Maria Callas in her childhood. The family of Greek immigrants lived in New York when the future star was born in 1923. When Maria was 14, her mother – led by the aspiration to make a singer out of her younger daughter – took her back to homeland where Maria entered the conservatorium in Athens.

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