The role of theory in research.

In an event that the guesses are established by the experiment, then a theory emerges. A powerful theory should give the reason why something is happening and subsequently give predictions on what will follow.

Theory plays an essential role in research because it helps to establish an understanding and the prediction of the intended results. This necessitates the introduction of the necessary interventions. These focus on the deterrence and mitigation of the harm that might emanate from the research study (Lewis-Beck, Bryman & Liao, 2004). Additionally, theories assist in the development of organizational behavior that is essential for the implementation and evaluation. This is vital because it determines the most appropriate mechanism of action. The explanation of the manner in which things work in a research is equally important. Besides the provision of knowledge, such explanations have the potential of providing the solutions. An individual can only fix something after understanding what went wrong (Sekaran & Bougie, 2010).

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The role of theory in research.
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The components of study for any given research are the processes of doing an inquiry. Theory in a research assists in the harmonization of the information and data thereby adding up to the accumulated knowledge and discipline. The key components of the research process include research questions, analysis, aids in design and interpretation. Apparently, theory guides the process of attaining all these components. Additionally, theories enable researchers to merge data together in a positive and direct manner.

It is important to first identify the aim and expectation of the research prior to the research process. The actual work comes after outlining all the possible outcomes that pertain to the intended study. These expected outcomes are the theories that eventually form the basis of the research. Incidentally, the form of approach to any research entails the way in which the research should be conducted.

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