The Story of an Hour by kate chopin.

This also shows that the aspect of her seclusion to rediscover her emotions is vital. The narrator has critically analyzed her internal mental world, unlike her external world outside her bedroom. The window outside her room is vibrant and alive similar to her mental aspect while covering everything about her physical aspect.

While the blatant use of some words is proof of this internal world, there are several cases of playful or ironic usage certain images or phrases to show the character’s joy in the story and the underlying message that marriage is limiting. The fact that at the end she also dies because of the excess happiness in many ways is symbolic of the “marriage” disease. Unless her antagonist “husband” is not present, she can never feel free much like an affliction. The detail that it is only her heart that is affected as compared to the entire body is indicative that her sadness from this disease symbolically stems from some internal factor. For example, in the description of her husband’s face, it is evident that he had affection for her sentiments that she does not reciprocate (Chopkins 7). This kind of direct and simple language is utilized only to highlight the things the main character hates. Therefore, the language shows that she never actually loved her husband. This helps bring out and simplify the language construct in the story for easier understanding of the character.

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The language becomes rich and lively with vibrant images and color when louse’s emotions are described in detail in regards to the things she likes. This contrasts sharply with the areas where the character is emotionally unattached or indifferent. The contrasts in some of the sentences in the book help highlight the characters responsive indifference.

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