The Use of Recycled Materials in Pavement Construction.

Another important aspect therefore is trainings for construction supervisors, engineers, local government construction staff, industries and state government agencies is important in matters of use of recycled wastes in construction of pavements.

One of the key elements emphasized by engineers and construction supervisors in charge of pavement is the fact that the use of the recycled material should not in any way compromise the quality of the pavements being constructed (Shu, 1323). It is with this in mind that there is need to carefully consider the material being used for the construction of pavement since different material differ in terms of properties and types and as such can be used for different purposes. There is also difference in terms of the knowledge, expertise and experience in terms of construction in different countries and hence the reason for use of different materials differently in the different countries.

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The Use of Recycled Materials in Pavement Construction.
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The success of using the recycled materials successfully in the construction of pavements lies in the ability of the different construction supervisors, engineers, regulators, generators and researchers to understand and comprehend the difference in the materials in terms of their properties, how best to use the material based on their properties and the limitations and challenges associated with the available materials and the choices they make from the available materials (Colins et. al, 123). It is therefore very important that the people dealing in such a field where recycled material is to be used to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of their choices and consequences.

Legislation is also a critical part of the use of recycled material in construction of pavement owing to the sensitivity of this as a choice (Fitzsimons & Gibney, 192).

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