The Virtual Police Department.


In addition, the chief handled the general planning of tasks performed by the seven police officers. However, the department has expanded significantly. Presently, the department has over one hundred and fifty police officers and a substantial number of members of the support staff (Virtual P D Case Study, 2015). Basically, the focus of this report is to analyze the developmental challenges of the Virtual City Police Department and the strategies that have been put in place to fight crime.

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The Virtual City Police Department (VCPD) has experienced several challenges since its inception. In essence, the performance of the department in marinating law and order has been largely affected by the uncertainties brought about by several factors. A scrutiny of the structure and performance of the VCPD reveals that nepotism, lack of experience, poor training, and financial shortage are the major problems that prevent smooth running of the department. In essence, these problems have been very influential in the dwindling performance of the VCPD.

The VCPD has a history of conducting biased recruitment exercises. In essence, during the initial years of establishment, the Mayor and other stakeholders who initiated and empowered the VCPD rewarded their friends and loyalists by assigning them various positions. Studies have revealed the chief&nbsp.officers&nbsp.have been appointing their relatives, friends and the people loyal to them. In essence, the recruitment exercises have been ignoring the eligible and legitimate candidates. Apparently, several studies reveal that the mayor and the city council officials manipulate the recruitment process to get a chance&nbsp.of&nbsp.rewarding their family members and loyalists. In essence, nepotism is a challenge that has become quite rampant in the VCPD. A critical analysis of the situation shows that delays in solving the nepotism problem might result in adverse repercussions to the state.

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