The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

The creation of this innovative large water preservation space will get Tamera much nearer to the full apprehension of the water landscape as original envisaged in 2007, by Austrian perm culture specialists. During their earliest visit to Tamera in March 2007, they drafted a map for how an arid land similar to that in Tamera could be changed into a fertile and productive landscape with plenty of water. In spite of the lengthy summer droughts, there is certainly no scarcity of rain over the entire year. The only crisis is that it falls about wholly in winter, where it can hardly penetrate the earth and swiftly flows away, leading to erosion and overflowing or flooding downstream. The vision specialists offered to Tamera for a water landscape comprised of at least ten rain-water preservation spaces of different sizes, enclosed by perm culture terraces and healthy assorted woodland – an edible landscape (Holzer, & Müller, 1). This vision was originally met with some cynicisms from the Tamera society. However, when the high amount of capacity of the&nbsp.water that falls annually in the catchment region surrounding Tamera was in fact calculated, the change from thoughts of scarceness to pictures of abundance effortlessly followed, and Tamera willingly accepted to work with the specialists to create such an ideal water landscape model for the whole world and Portugal in particular. Just a few months afterward, in August 2007, the construction of ‘Lake 1’ begun.

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The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera
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