This American Life on NPR.


There was a brief honeymoon period where the adopted child was perfect and they lived happily together. The parents did not have to fight to get his love and attention. They provided basic needs for the child who had never had an opportunity to sleep in his own room or even wear shoes. But soon the sense of belonging, hurt and loss surfaced. The concept of not knowing his biological parents disturbed him.

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This American Life on NPR.
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If I were the adoptive parents of the Romanian orphan, I would try and help the adopted child gain confidence and trust that I will not abandon him. Adopted children may have developmental problems, physical problems or emotional problems, and it is essential to assist them develop psychological identification which will distinguish them as individuals (Wuestefeld 115). This identification process is necessary as it will help a child be confident and successful later in life.

I will understand that these tantrums arise because the child is trying to find his place in his new world. Adopted children have feelings regarding their adoption. I would, therefore, assist the child by letting him understand that he is not on his own in this feelings, and I will try getting explanations for questions that continue to puzzle him.

The second story on the radio program is about parents’ unconditional love for their autistic child. These parents undergo difficult experiences that put a strain on their relationship and family ties. The parents loved their autistic boy but, at one time, they considered putting him under residential care. This challenge set the parents on a path where autism dominated their world. The parents struggled to cope while their child was in the system.

Autistic children need parents that care to understand them as this will help them feel loved. If I were the parents of the autistic child, I would create a safe environment and provide structure for the boy.

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