To Kill of a Mockingbird.

This research will begin with the statement that there are external and internal conflicts among the characters as the trial progresses. One of the external conflicts is Bob and Mayella’s accusation to Tom of the rape that he did not commit. Another external conflict is how almost the whole town does not agree with Atticus defending a black man in court. Atticus’ external conflict then gets carried over to Scout and Jem, who creates a conflict with Boo. The internal conflicts, however, are much more fascinating than the external ones. For on, Atticus has a big hunch that he will really lose the case, but has an inner hope that the town will get enlightened from their discrimination against an innocent black man. Even the accusers Bob and Mayella have their own inner conflicts because they do know that they are accusing an innocent man. Mayella is shown to struggle to maintain her lies during the trial. Even the jury goes through an internal conflict, which is shown in their delay in issuing the verdict because they are obviously torn between discrimination and the truth. Scout and Jem struggle with the thought that Boo is a monster hiding inside the house they prowl on, while at the same time feel how wrong it is to judge people by personal prejudices. These kids are unable to understand how their neighbors can go against the evidence that Tom is indeed innocent and prefer to judge him as otherwise just because he is colored, while they themselves cannot get past their prejudice on Boo.

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