To report on an incident within the Air Traffic System.

The elimination of the unnecessary spending is usually viewed as a necessary ingredient in boosting the profit base it usually might be the cause of a crisis through its negative effects on the discontented workers. In the days before the accident, the company had ordered a huge wage concession from the pilots as well as indicating the chances of reducing the number of aircrafts which implied that the number of flights would reduce significantly.

(National Transportation Safety Board (2007) points out that the directive by the company became the source of discontent by the pilots and the conversations by the pilots in the morning of August 27, 2006 before the crash, the pilots were discussing the financial stress that was caused and threatened by the management

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To report on an incident within the Air Traffic System.
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In the early morning of August 27, 2006, all the crew members met at a hotel lobby and all took a taxi to the airport as their flight was due for takeoff. These crew members arrived at the airport at around 0515 and all went straight to the aircraft. There were various preparations before the flight takeoff and the officer in charge of the briefing gave out the take off briefing and informed the crew members that the lighting system was not functioning therefore the place was dark. He gave out the taxi briefing that they would use the taxiway Alpha to the runway 22. The Airport was in the final stages of construction, therefore the airport signage was contradictory with the airport diagrams and charts that the crew members possessed (Air Line Pilots Association International 2007). The crew did not notice during takeoff that their heading was not that of runway 22 and the shortcoming of Comair was its inability to confirm the compass heading during takeoff.

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