Topic related to child or adolescent development.


As such, they make poor decisions that may lead to life-threatening consequences, which include premature sexual intercourse, premature pregnancies, sexual molestation, transmission of STDs, and abortions. Peer pressure, media influence, lack of enough preparation and guidance on responsible sexual behavior, drug and substance abuse, and curiosity fosters sexual activities during adolescent sexual development. Statistics show that most adolescents in America are prone to sexual intercourse, STDs, unprotected sex, premature pregnancies, sexual molestations, and carryout abortions. Parents, educators, policy makers, and medical practitioners can help adolescents to make wise sexual decisions. The provision of accurate sex information, parental guidance, sex education, national programs, and relevant legislations can address this problem.

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Topic related to child or adolescent development.
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Young people face numerous challenges from adolescent sexuality. Indeed, all adolescents are prone to sexuality issues at this stage. These challenges relate to adjusting to the new body appearance and dealing with the functionality of the sexually maturing body. Adolescents also face challenges in dealing with the emerging sexual desires, sexual attitudes, and values. Moreover, adolescent sexuality poses another challenge as adolescents develop new sexual behaviors, integrate sexual feelings, and seek to identify themselves in the new experience (Crocket et al, 2003). The challenge posed by adolescent sexual development emanates from the strange excitement of sexual arousal, the attention connected to being sexually attractive, and the new level of physical intimacy, and psychological vulnerability created by sexual encounters (Crocket et al, 2003). Notably, social and cultural background and environment determines how adolescents respond adolescent sexuality. The effects of adolescent sexual development derive significant problems to the young people and the society.

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