Tourism system.


3. Build comprehensive and well organized tourism park that will satisfy the needs of tourists while ensuring that the economic returns are used to benefit the local community as well as contribute towards the maintenance of the wider system.

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4. The roads in the area will be developed to make the area accessible from other areas of the country. Development of these roads will enhance public transport as well as private transport. This will be done in consideration of the environments so that it may not have negative impact on the immediate environment.

6. The developments will be done with respect to the immediate environment such that they will complement rather than detract it. They should be designed in a manner that they will have positive impact upon the landscape, the historical setting and upon ecology.

Sterling Bay’s tourism product should include activities in which tourists can participate, good infrastructure, tourists’ security, and other services. All these are attainable because the natural environment is appealing, the local community is friendly and has a well developed culture, and has a stable political environment. These are the success factors that are key to easy implementation and development of tourism in the area.

Sterling Bay has nature attraction sites which include underground caves and marine parks. To complement these, this plan suggests a range of other facilities which include a golf course and arenas for beach volleyball. For the tourists who enjoy special qualities of the landscape, Sterling Bay has a hill, a forest, and limestone caves.

Clean water is ideal for recreation and tourism industry because it accentuates aquatic ecosystems such as coral reef and limestone caves such as the ones along Sterling Bay beach, and beautiful beaches.

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