Trend letter.

JUNK UNDERJEANS: After having a primary research about the company, I have discovered some relevant data. You company is producing a unique line of men’s undergarments with the latest and hottest trends made from highest quality fabrics and materials (“About Junk underjeans”). The distribution method is wholesaling with a selling capacity of 500+ pieces as a business apprentice. I have also discovered that Junk underjeans designs are credited to Mr. Sean Gregg as the fashion designer (“Junk”). The different styles and collections such as the rebel, urban and sleek have captured the interest and excitement of straight and gay guys as your target market. Your promotional strategies such as tradeshow, fashion show, magazine, online blogs, and company website are very helpful in delivering the product to the market. The most in-demand business today according to American Apparel and Footwear Association is the apparel manufacturing in which “sales for 2000 reached $315 billion, representing a 90% growth from its 1990 levels” (qtd. in Fulbright). Junk underjeans had made a good choice of business.

OPPORTUNITY/TRENDS: Starting up a new business nowadays is not for seasonality alone, but it goes with passion and on what the person really believes. There is nothing wrong if the business gives more focus and priority on one product line especially if that product is doing well in the market. However, opportunities/trends should also be given consideration as it comes. The industry will only appreciate and understand the essence of the opportunity/trend if it has an open mind with a positive outlook (Khoo). It does not entails that because Junk underjeans is producing undergarments for men only, then it should be heading that way in the future. Definitely not, because change is a typical respond for every business which is either a desire or a necessity.

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