Triangle of Bermuda Final Definition.

The mystery surrounding this busy sea-route derives from the fact that many ships as well as airplanes, passing through this have been reported to have disappeared without trace. Thus, it becomes an intriguing proposition to evaluate the mystery that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle to understand the term mystery.

The subject of the mystery is not the Triangle as such, which is naturally formed and is a physical place, not a figment of imagination. Due to the mysterious incidents of disappearances that occurred in the area some people also call it the Devil’s Triangle. No US government file has identified the location of Bermuda Triangle or for that matter, the Board of Geographic Names. However, the name continues to serve as a synonym for mystery, due to various instances of reported missing of ships entering the area of airplanes flying over the triangle. It adds to the element of mystery that no probable logical cause can be assigned to such disappearances. Thus, from the episodes of disappearances attributed to the Bermuda Triangle, which are beyond any reasonable explanation, it can be construed that a mystery is something that is beyond the scope of logical explanations.

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Triangle of Bermuda Final Definition.
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The geographical positioning of the Bermuda Triangle, as per existing interpretations, is off the Southeastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, with its vertices touching Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, roughly grounded in 500,000 square miles (Obringer, 2012). The name “Devil’s Triangle” is associated with Bermuda because once it has been known as “the Isle of Devils.” The reefs surrounding the area are quite tricky to the sailing ships, resulting in the wreckage of many and, thus, the place acquired the notoriety associated with its name. However, in the case of Bermuda Triangle

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