Twitter (Marketing).


Twitter’s marketing strategy includesboth short-term and long-term activities in a formulation of market-oriented strategies. The main goal of Twitter is to increase the membership all over the world tosupport reach for its advertising clients. &nbsp.

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Twitter (Marketing).
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The Twitter Social Media Company has many services such as self-service ads, tweets, user-sharing photos that are used by individuals as businesses alike.iii Today, Twitter has more than 500 million members, of which 284 million members are considered active users. In terms of the number of users, Twitter is far behind Facebook, its closest competitor.iv As Twitter is introducing new services and improving its Internet reach over the last few years, itsmarket position is improving.v

In the last three quarters what year, the revenue generation of Twitter is increasing with the fast user growth. However, although the revenue is growing at a fast pace, the amount of users has slowed in comparison to Facebook. For the first time in history, the company has posted revenue of more than one billion dollars.vii

The firm uses various types of advertising and marketing mediums to enhance the reach of the product and services that are connected to the Internet. Twitter uses all mediums in an effort to increase the members such as email, search engines, back links to websites.&nbsp.This popular website also uses many mediums such as TV, movies,&nbsp.etc.& a part of advertising&nbsp.strategy. Twitter is also an important part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy.

One of the main advantages of this service is that the signing up of the account is free and the site offers free publicity for the members, whether it is the company page or an individual.&nbsp.They can offer a free link to the customers by clicking on a short link offered by the company. In exchange, the site also gets free advertising in every medium. This paragraph is not clear.

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