Two Comedians: Jay Leno / David Letterman (Part II).

These comedians hold night shows and conduct interviews to public figures. These are not actual or formal interviews. The comedians engage their guests in casual talks and chats in the show. Therefore, the interviews are significantly superficial. They identify opportunities to crack jokes as the interview with their guest progresses. For instance, David Letterman hosted President Obama in September 2012 for a superficial interview (Abt, 1997). Jay Leno also hosted president Obama in October 2012 for a similar purpose. The comedians also ventured in standup comedy as their career. Through their career paths, standup comedy has been a similar venture up to date. These comedians also hail from the same generation. This is a major similarity that propagates their competition, since they share the same techniques in executing their expertise in comedy. Leno and Letterman host shows that feature in a similar hour (Frank, 2011). They all host night shows that target the American society. This similarity in time also enhances the competition amongst them. Jay Leno and David Letterman also manifest differences that enhance a severe competition amongst them. For example, David Letterman and Jay Leno host their shows in different media houses (Carter, 2011). Leno hosts his show in NBC, as Letterman hosts his in CBS. Leno and Letterman also had different encounters of merit after the retirement of Johnny Carson in NBC. They also manifest different affiliation with their respective media houses. These differences substantiate an elevated competition amongst them. Rivalry is a probable outcome of their elevated competition.

Leno and Letterman exhibit a set of similarities and differences in their comedy careers. Both the similarities and differences are paramount attributions of the heated competition amongst the two comedians in America. In this case, rivalry is a probable feature out of their competitive relationship with each other.

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Two Comedians: Jay Leno / David Letterman (Part II).
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