Two Journals.


The case of Na’vi humanoids, however, is way beyond a frightening state of dominion from species of other forms, for humans in this regard would be found the emerging culprits whose greed causes perils even upon the unseen world.

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Two Journals.
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Even though the Na’vi possess looks and stature that are nearly dreadful, the feelings they convey are deeply heartfelt it almost moves me to tears while watching some scenes that exhibit tribe members communicating warmly with each other. Like real humans, they manage to deliver thoughts and emotions in a sensible manner just as how Jake Sully under his avatar suit is able to derive fruitful and solemn interactions with Neytiri. It is greatly fascinating to see that instead of anticipated mysteries or mystic potentials, creatures of another dimension are revealed as almost equal to men in strength, intelligence, and general capacity in coping with love, fear, and hatred.

Despite all the wonders and beauty to marvel at in the Pandora’s biosphere, science-oriented humans have reached that stage of discontent in simply navigating cosmic systems. It turns out they desire moreover to explore and gain further knowledge to meet intellectual objectives even at the expense of the moon’s habitat. This is something that makes me reflect on human nature at depth especially when it comes to the extent to which greed among humans may proceed just so the amply increasing demands on human economy are satisfied. The film exemplifies a future possibility when men are no longer astonished by the exquisite sights and encounters of the wonder-filled nature whether on this planet or in a region of outer-space yet to be fathomed.

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