U.S government control.

tailed, and US government should have both prior warrant and probable cause before it can track any individual location by employing tracking devises (Goodlatte).

Both the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment stipulate that no individual shall be divested of liberty, life or assets without due process of law. However, there are initiatives through the National Defense Authorization Act, 2012 to authorize the US military with the US President’s authorization to arrest any American citizens indefinitely without any due process on American soil. According to me, though it may help the government in its fight against terrorism, the authorization from any court for such action could help to minimize its abuse (Goodlatte).

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U.S government control.
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In Kelo v.New London, it was held by US Supreme court that eminent domain could be employed for attaching of any property owned by individual for economic development objectives. Due to this decision, many US state governments started to employ the power grabs to snatch away the private property from one individual and give it to another. According to me, this is against the Fifth Amendment and there should be initiatives to stop the abuses, the states and their local eminent domain power

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